Meet Our Animals

Gabby & Percy

Here is our new momma sheep Gabby and her baby Percy. The mom is a great mom and lets us play with her baby. Percy is a playful loving little fella.


Our new arrival Liberty aka Libby a Holstein heifer. She is currently 140 lbs and expected to be approximately 1700 lbs. She is playful like a puppy!

Goat Girls

Cupcake (Cuppy), Teacup, Tiny, Emily

The goat girls are boat goats. We adopted them in 2007. Cuppy is Teacups mom and they live with Tiny and Emily. Tiny has a limp she was born with but it does not stop her from doing everything the other girls do. Emily was very small when we got her and lived at home with us wearing a diaper and being bottle feed until she was strong enough to go back to her girlfriends.


The barnyard donkey was rescued from slaughter. He is a standard donkey but there is nothing standard about his personality. He loves attention and lets you know if he wants it! He can be heard everywhere on the farm.

Miniature Horses

Stuart Little, Dash, and Pumpkin

Stuart Little was rescued from the auction and has the same limp as Tiny goat girl does. He is the leader of the trio and loves lots of attention. Pumpkin is as sweet as her name. She loves being groomed and fussed over. Dash and Pumpkin were rescued together. Dash loves to go for walks and sometimes will play hard to get!


Scoop, and Rose

Scoop is a 10 year old large pony. He has been in the family for 6 years and loves everything from getting groomed, bathing , and being ridden. He will even give kisses! Rosie is Scoops best friend. She loves a spa day and to be fussed over. She also gives pony rides.


Felipe is our farm dog. He is a SATO rescue and loves to be on the farm. He thinks he should be driving the farm equipment. If there are any puddles he can be found playing in them!


Our ferret Marsha. She is playful and loving and sure to make you smile


Meet Snowball and Smoky the cuddle cats. They love to cuddle each other and anyone who wants to cuddle. Faith is true to you once she gets over her scaredy cat ways. Once she trusts you she with faithfully stick by you.


Porsche is a sweet loving girl. She is slowly learning to relax and let us pet her. Lambo is a talkative loving  lamb. He is constantly letting us know he wants to be pet and groomed and fussed over.